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Synergy Acrylic Core Powder - NOVA

Synergy Acrylic Core Powder - NOVA

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Synergy Core Powder - Nova

Nova is a deep cover pink, that will create the perfect base for enhancements, as a french pink or beautiful as an overlay! This is a must for any nail tech, as the tone of pink will suit most clients!

When used with the Synergy Monomer, you will have guaranteed adhesion, for clients that are prone to lifting!

Other benefits of the Synergy Acrylic System are:

- Hema Free - helping to lower the risk of reactions when applied correctly.

- Cruelty Free - no animals are harmed in the production of Synergy.

- Hypoallergenic - perfect for sensitive clients.

- Made in the E.U. and U.S. - you can be safe in the knowledge that the Synergy System meets all regulations and guidelines

- Bubble free - Superior clarity 

- Non yellowing - The colour and pigmentation will stay true from the first day of application.

- High Level of Adhesion - perfect for ALL clients, even those that are prone to lifting.

- Overlay, Tip or Sculpt - allows for you as a nail tech to use the process that best suits you and your client.

- Files with ease - reduces filing, therefore helping to reduce stress on you the nail tech and reduce timings of your services.

- High pigmentation - colour clarity is even throughout the enhancement.

- Adjustable ratio - whether your ratio os wet or dry, you can be sure that the Synergy System will always fully polymmerize. 

- Core powder - does not need to be encapsulated.


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