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Bella Artistica

Matte-Erial Girl

Matte-Erial Girl

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'MATTE-ERIAL GIRL' (Matte Top Coat) provides not only superior protection to the Gel Polish underneath, but also cures to an even, velvet finish. Matte Top coats are notorious for not curing evenly and not staying matte for the duration of your clients wear. UNTIL NOW! Matte - erial girl will never let you down! 


Why use I'd Rather Be Shiny?

  • Stays matte 
  • 14 day wear 
  • Superior coverage 
  • Medium viscosity to provide even coverage and cure 
  • Made in Europe and US


  • Carry out service as normal - prepping the nail , applying 'All About The Base' - Cure for 30 seconds (LED)
  • Apply chosen Gel Polish (cure 30 secs LED)
  • Apply 'Matte-erial Girl' Cure for 60 secs LED / 2 mins UV

**we recommend for the best results possible to use all of the BELLA ARTISTICA polishes within the system**

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